Saturday, September 8, 2012

Whole foods

Last week a good friend told me she'd met with a nutritionist. I asked her what the main thing was she'd learned.

"Whole Foods," she said.

Okay. I can do that.

It's easier with breakfast and lunch. For instance today I ate an apple, almonds and carrots for lunch.

So for supper I decided to try something new. Stuffed peppers. They always look pretty in magazines. So I went online and found a recipe.

I stuffed my pepper with whole grain rice, yes I cooked it first, tomatoes, spinach and sprinkled cheddar cheese on it at the end.

It looked pretty and smelled nice. But that's where the beauty ended. I don't know where I went wrong, but next time I'll make a salad.


  1. hahahaha. This has been your best post for a while. IMO. =D

  2. HA!!! I've had a few mix-ups while trying to eat better too:) In fact, I'm about to pull an oatmeal concoction out of my fridge, here's hoping it's good!



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