Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome Marji Lane

I'd like to introduce you to Marji Lane. We met in Dallas at the ACFW conference. She was sweet and encouraging. I'm so glad we met, and here's your opportunity to meet her too.

Marji, I'm so excited about your book that's just come out. Tell us about it.

Me? A romance author? I confess, I usually prefer the mystery/suspense section of the library and that’s reflected in most of my writing. But what’s a story without a little romance? So when I read about the contest at Write Integrity Press for their short story collection, I toyed with the idea.

Last summer, I’d written a premise for a story—just a diversion—that turned into something that made me laugh and feel cozy all at once. With a little work, it became the short, “Life is Sweet.”

And yes, I did some ceiling salsa when I found out I was one of the contest winners and won a spot in Heart Bouquets!

I love working with the group at Write Integrity Press. A group of authors chose me to join them in a seasonal novella, The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt last November. That project was a hoot, and though nine different authors wrote the single story, it turned out GREAT! (I only wrote chapter 5, so I can say that!)

I can’t thank Jackie enough for letting me share my story here. I’m also trying to entice her to share a romantic anecdote on my blog! Y’all help me encourage her! Jackie – Jackie – Jackie!

Okay, Marji, I'll work on that anecdote for you.

Congratulations on Heart Bouquets, and thanks for stopping by.

What a pretty cover.

You wanna a copy? (Oh you do, trust me on this!) How about a free one? YES!

Free ebooks on Amazon February 13-15 especially for the big V-day!

Don’t miss this cute collection and who knows? Maybe “Cupid” will give you a little inspiration!

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  1. Thank you so much, Jackie, for hosting me on your back porch! And I LOVE your romantic anecdote! Brought a sweet tear to my eye! No joke! Blessings!



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