Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting creative

The last paleo dessert I made took one and a half hours. So I studied the cookbooks and decided to get creative.

I melted some Paleo approved chocolate in the microwave. Enough to cover the bottom of a glass container. I stirred it up and added walnuts, coconut, dried pineapple and papaya. I stirred this together, poured onto parchment paper and stuck in the refrigerator.

This only took a few minutes, and I did it while our fish baked. It's not glamorous, but if you need a sweet treat, I think it'll hit the spot for you.



  1. Sounds yummy Jackie. Hope you make this the next time I come to your house, and I will make my paleo breakfast bars!

  2. Hi Rose,
    I'll be happy to make this. I might even make some before we head to St. Louis!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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