Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's beginning to look like Spring in Kentucky

March Madness is over, and tennis season is here. Our grass is green, the trees are beginning to bloom, and I'm so excited.

Hope can be defined as the feeling of expectation and desire for a specific thing to happen.

Spring is the season of hope for me. After our hard winter, this year I'm especially hopeful for warm weather and a chance to be outside and enjoy the wonderful things God has given us. I took my dog for a walk, and these were a few of the signs of Spring I saw.

As we climbed the hill behind us, I heard sweet little voices playing outside. The girls were riding bikes when I reached their house. They were kind enough to pause for a moment and pose by a flowering shrub.

At last we finished our walk. I hope you find time to get outside and enjoy this season of warmth and hope. Happy Spring!


  1. Wonderful post! Has me excited spring is here. I'll have to get outside this weekend and see God's trees and flowers. Looking forward to wonderful things!

  2. I'm loving all the flowers after the gray rainy weather we had for two months!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Sally and Janet! I hope you have a wonderful Spring weekend!



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