Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fun with a heron

Back in the fall many of you told me you'd like more posts on travel.

After graduation, Tim and I headed down to Mobile, Alabama for the NAIA National Tennis Tournament.

We had a few free hours and drove to Dauphin Island. Beach walking is one of our favorite things to do. I had my camera, but the birds seemed more skittish than birds on the East Coast. I'd just about given up when Tim pointed to a heron who landed behind me.

At first we were so excited, and amazed, that the heron didn't fly away. Soon we had fun taking his picture. It turned into a photo shoot with our new friend, the heron. Here's just a few more.

What do you think? Did he want his picture taken? Have you ever had an experience like this?


  1. On the Florida Gulf Coast, herons will hang around fishermen on the piers, hoping to grab their catch. They must be used to humans. If we'd get too close, they'd walk away.

  2. Oh, I never considered feeding him. But I didn't have any food on me either. Thanks for stopping by, Terri!

  3. While I was on my senior trip in DC I had this really flashy silver purse with those dangly discs on it and this squirrel came and sat about a foot from me just staring at those discs. You could tell that he wanted one so bad!!

    1. How fun to watch him entranced by the discs. Thanks for sharing, Abby!



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