Monday, December 12, 2016

An American Success Story- Brahms Mount

Brahms Mount is an American success story, and I visited their store in Maine. They started in 1983 weaving their way into peoples homes and hearts. They create "premium cotton, linen and wool blankets, throws and towels."

I saw spools of threads of many beautiful colors.

My grandmother Lutz was a weaver, and I still have a few afghans, placemats, and a rug she wove. When I was young, she taught me how to weave. It was so much fun going back and forth and pulling the paddle forward before starting the next row. It was fascinating to see how she prepared the loom and finished off the projects.

Brahms Mount had a loom that brought back man happy memories.

Brahms Mount has many beautiful products for sale in their peaceful, light-filled store. You can also special order products.

The items at Brahms Mount will make gifts for others more special and will add grace and warmth to any home.

Brahms Mount didn't ask me to promote them, but they are an amazing American company. With Christmas around the corner, I wanted to ask you to consider Brahms Mount.


  1. Thanks for introducing us to Brahms Mount, Jackie. I love to learn more about American companies. The colorful spools of thread are gorgeous.



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