Sunday, March 12, 2017

Join Me in a Blog Hop Giveaway

This weekend my good friend, Janet Ferguson, included me in a blog hop. Please come join us. It's a great way to win my novella, In Focus, and meet some of my friends.

The blog hop starts at Reading is my Superpower hosted by Carrie. Here's a little bit about Carrie, and sweet lady from Nicholasville, KY. That's right, my old stomping ground.

Avid Reader. Book Reviewer. Story Addict. KissingBooks Fan. Book Boyfriend Collector. ESOL Teacher. Cool Aunt. I love Jesus and THE Story a whole lot.

So, come meet my good friends and critique partners Janet Ferguson, Misty Beller and LeAnne Bristow at Reading is My Superpower.


  1. Yes! I hope they come by and say hello! We are having fun! And there's 15 books to win! So glad you are part of my story!

  2. This sounds exciting!!! I'll try to join in.

  3. Jackie, welcome to SC! I hope moving has been going smoothly. I live very near Charleston and love going walking in downtown. In fact, I think that is what my husband has up his sleeve for us to do on a date night soon to celebrate our first date being two years ago today. :)

    1. I hope you make it to Charleston tonight! I'm enjoying SC and love Charleston. Thanks for stopping by.



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