Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mary and Martha or Vi and Judy

I read again about Mary and Martha and started thinking about my life. Grandmother Lutz had a sister Judy Hudson. Grandmother raised two boys. She was the more practical sister. She worked hard being a mother, weaving, helping with the war effort and she was active in her church. She touched my heart in many ways. Once when I was in high school, I was selected to attend a woman's conference as a youth representative. My grandmother decided to attend the event because she knew I'd be there. It was so fun to take one of the same classes about women in the Bible.

My aunt was never blessed with children. She and her husband were always around though. Aunt Judy loved to entertain, and she usually hired a couple of people to come cook and serve at dinner parties both small and large. Aunt Judy loved to tell stories and she wanted everybody to feel comfortable in her home.

Grandmother focused on the details and Aunt Judy focused on the people in her house at the moment. Sisters.

Mary focused on being with Jesus. Martha focused on the food and house. Sisters.

Recently, we hosted thirty people at her home for Christmas. These people work with Tim, and we decided to hire caterers. I've never done this before, and now I'm hooked. I deep cleaned my home before the party. It was also decorated for Christmas. I was ready and the caterers showed up. Once our company arrived, I was able to greet each person and have enjoyable conversations with them. We had games and handed out presents. In the past, I've tended to burn the rolls or made some mistake with food because I'm torn between interacting with my company and preparing the food. I always want you to feel welcome in my home and it's a juggling act. The wonderful caterers made it possible for me to be Martha/Vi before the party and Mary/Judy during the party.

When it comes to spending time with God, I want to be Mary. I can't have caterers 24/7 taking care of all the little details of my life so I have more time to spend in God's presence. I must CHOOSE what's most important. I must be Mary. Soaking in Jesus and sharing Jesus with others.

Luke 9:62 says, " Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”"

It's fun watching these two grow up. I wonder if one will be Mary and one Martha. Or will they find a good balance?

I hope in the coming year to be more intentional about spending time with God. How about you? How do you make God a priority in your daily life?


  1. Japan is New Year 's Eve today.
    Last year was a great year for you, and I know you’ll have an even better one this year.


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