Sunday, July 24, 2011

29 Hours in Downtown Cincinnati

I've just spent a whirlwind 29 hours in downtown Cincinnati. My son played his first college level tennis tournament. His first two matches were in Triangle Park. He was the first match on at 8 AM Saturday morning and last match on 8 PM. I'm not used to big city life and discovered there's never a quiet moment. Traffic wizzed by on all three sides of the park. Semi-trucks, sports cars, ambulances, you name it, we saw it. I saw more than one doggie day-care.

In our small town, we ask our neighbors to check on our dogs. During the last match Saturday a young couple walked by as we watched Scott play. They appeared down on their luck and a little rough. They sat near us in a spot surrounded by trees. It was growing dark. I saw them rustling through a bag and pull something out. Next they lit up.  I was so happy when I noticed the guy smoking a cigar and the girl smoking a cigarette, that I didn't even worry about my allergies.
Sunday at 8AM, another match. Scott's opponent was late so I walked around another park. High over this city of beauty and mystery, guess what I saw? Look closely.
God bless America!


  1. Love the pictures - especially the cross:) I agree, I'm not a "Big City" hubby loves them though! Opposites truly do attract.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I had a great time, but I love living in a small town.



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