Friday, July 1, 2011

Jet Skiing

 Jet Skiing

This year ten members of my family decided to vacation together at Holden Beach, NC. I talked six of them into jet skiing with me on the Intracoastal Waterway. I’ve always wanted to do this, so it was like a dream come true.
My son, Scott, graciously agreed to share a jet ski with me. After receiving our life vests and safety instructions, we were off.
I screamed and laughed. We passed my family, and they passed us. We rode in wakes of bigger boats. We’d bump up and splash down. I hung on to Scott and enjoyed the ride. After a while he offered to let me drive. So we switched places. I wasn’t smooth, so I asked to switch back. He took over, and once more we were off. A little later he urged me to try again. The waterway wasn’t crowded, so I tried, and it went better. The water wasn’t as choppy, and it was almost like flying. The wind whipped my hair as water splashed in my face. It was wonderful.
The experience made me consider my relationship with God. I had faith in Scott that we could do this safely. I trust God to get me through many tough situations also.
Near the end of the ride Scott made a turn too quickly, and I went flying off. He immediately came back to rescue me. If I can trust my 18 year old son to take care of me, I can definitely trust God to watch out for my safety.
Here are the sevenof us before, and Scott and me at the end of our ride.

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