Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Healthy living

A friend challenged me to write a healthy post everyday during the month of April. I laughed. As you can tell, I didn't take her up on the challenge.
But it couldn't hurt to think about living healthier.
Did you know heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States of men and women?
Many studies show that our diet can reduce our chances of having a heart attack.
For instance, oranges have been found to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and heart failure. Pectin found in oranges helps absorb the cholesterol in food, and the potassium counterbalances salt which helps keep our blood pressure under control.
Garlic can help reduce blood pressure and plaque.
My favorite, dark chocolate, contains flavanols that help keep blood vessels flexible and lowers our blood pressure.
Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts help reduce LDL.
Pomegranates are very messy and stain (I know this from personal experience), but have been shown to reduce atherosclerosis.

Exercise is also important to a healthy heart.

Take time to get a check up and find out how heart healthy you are.


  1. Forgive me if this goes through twice, but I commented on my iphone and it disappeared. Ha!

    Is that your yard? I'm jealous. After a mild winter and early spring, we had a late blizzard and now the snow is back. That puts our lawns about 6 wks behind yours although our trees are all budding. Weird.

    About health... a couple years ago I lost 50# in one year and then spent the next year freezing. I'm still cold at times when I never used to be. I'd been eating the daily amount of protein along with healthy fruits and veggies, yogurt, etc. I thought protein was protein until I spent the winter freezing under layers of blankets with hubby cuddling me and unable to get warm. Why? My doctor said my muscles were starving for protein. Like I said, I'd eaten the daily amt of protein, but it was the wrong kind. I shouldn't have relied so much on the animal protein and ate more vegetable protein like legumes and lentils. It's taken months and months, but I'm almost back to normal.

    Anyway, just a heads' up in the protein department. :)

  2. Thanks, for sharing that. I didn't know it mattered what kind of protein you ate. I think I saw your snowy pictures, and just looking at them made me cold. Brrr!

    That is my yard. We've worked hard trying to make it pretty.

    Thanks for commenting!



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