Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It does matter

Recently my husband told a college athlete, "It doesn't matter if you win or lose."

Before Tim could finish, the athlete (who shall remain nameless) turned back and said, "It does matter." Then he smiled at us.

I've thought about that all day. He's right. You work hard, practice, sacrifice other activities and devote money to your sport, art, writing, or whatever your project is. You do want to win.

Losing leads to reflection. What could I have done differently to achieve a better outcome? So if we take time to learn from our losses,  then it does matter.

And it matters if we win. It's always nice to see our hard work pay off.

I plan to keep working hard on writing and hopefully my hard work will pay off too.

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Hi Jackie!I saw your bog address on the ACFW NovelTrackWriting e-mail. I've not been writing in since I'm in the planning stage of one novel and the ripping apart and restructureing another. How wonderful when we realize it will happen (Publication) all in His time as we partner with Him! I like your blog! Very encouraging...Keep on writing He planned activities for us to do before the foundation of this world..Imagine!!!

  2. Susan, thanks for stopping by and sharing with us!

  3. I'm with Tim's friend. It does matter. It matters more how you handle the loss and the best way is to take it on the chin and keep going. Like Rocky. =)

  4. Nancy, you're right. I think losses can help build character and definitely bring us closer to God.

    Thanks for stopping by!



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