Monday, July 1, 2013

A Weed by any Other Name...

This spring my husband and I were pulling weeds in the garden. Six years ago, we decided we'd have a simple garden. I'd spent enormous amounts of time at our old houses working in the gardens, and I decided not to do that again.

I laugh at myself now because each year we think of ways to add something else.

This spring my husband and I were pulling weeds in the garden. We came upon a growth in two different places at the border of our yard. Tim thought it was a weed, but I wasn't so sure. I convinced him to give it a chance.

For the next few weeks we'd look and debate but still left it to grow.

Voila, it is a flower. I expect it to be beautiful and last through this summer. I'm so glad we didn't pull it and toss it in the garbage. I remember planting the seeds last year. They never grew but came up this year for some reason.

This made me wonder. How many relationships do we walk away from that might turn out to be beautiful? Next time I meet somebody that rubs me the wrong way, I think I'll give them more of a chance. We never know what may lay beneath the weedy exterior.

Happy July, everybody!

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