Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Last year I started the annual Layton 4th of July party. After helping my parents move to a smaller home and going through a vast number of slides I remembered how fun the 4th of July could be.

My Aunt Judy and Uncle Dick used to throw a party every year. They had a big home and huge yard and could really throw a party.

I can remember some of the older people playing a game called Tripoli. I used to like to stand around the card tables in the driveway and watch them play. Dad's family had interesting people with interesting names. Coopie, Cat, and Chick are just a few of the ladies' names. Then there was the man with a round face and beautiful white beard that was a dead ringer for Santa Claus.

Tonight as Tim and I were setting up, I told him that some of us need to come up with nicknames so we'll be interesting to the next generation. Brooke calls us GiGi and Sparky, so maybe that's a start.

Tomorrow there is only a 90% chance of rain. Ha! So we're prepared to eat and play inside.

My dad's bringing a tripoli board and some poker chips from WWII. (I promise no gambling.)

I've decided this may become one of my favorite holidays. I love summer, I love spending time with family, and I love being an American.

Happy 4th of July!

Here are a few pictures from last year:

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