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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Challenge for Lent

A friend of mine, Cathy Miller, challenged me to give up one article of clothing every day for Lent. I'm not very extravagant when it comes to shopping. I usually shop for a specific occasion or when I've worn something out. But I thought giving up something every day of Lent would not only help me grow closer to God, but it will help others in need of clothing.

I would not have come up with this idea on my own, so thanks to Cathy for challenging me.

In case you're not sure what Lent is, it start with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. During this time we remember Jesus' forty days of fasting and time in the desert. Easter is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Many Christians use this time to reflect and pray in preparation for Easter.

This year each time I step in my closet to select an article of clothing, I'll remember Jesus' sacrifice for us.

As I began collecting clothes, I wondered if there is other junk in my life weighing me down. Are there other things I could share with others besides clothing? (I'm sure my husband would say I could give away some of my books. I have quite a few piles everywhere.

Are you doing anything special for Lent?

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