Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love Is In the Air

Have you noticed love is in the air? Before long it'll be Valentine's Day, and I'm seeing the signs.

Here's a cute little chocolate covered ladybug. I don't know how much it cost the giver, but it is so cute. Only somebody in love, or serious like, would give this to his girlfriend.

Some people go for a more personal touch and bake up some love.

And then there's the love of a good dog. Tim was out of town for eight days, and Heinz missed him like crazy. The mornings are their time. Each morning I"d get up and take Heinz out, feed him, and take him out again. Still the little stinker lay at the door hoping to see his master.

Pitiful and sweet at the same time. Now that's true love.

(Just so you know, I missed Tim like crazy too, but I didn't lay down on the floor in front of the door.)


  1. Ah, Jackie, why not?? Course, it might have given Tim a heart attack to find you lying on the floor.

  2. Haha, Terri. I'm sure you're right.



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