Thursday, March 10, 2016

March Madness

How do you feel about March Madness? Kentuckians are pretty excited no matter what school you cheer for.

Both of my parents graduated from the University of Kentucky, and I grew up cheering for UK. I was attending the University of Georgia when I met my husband, Tim, who is a UK graduate. Before we got married, Tim knew I'd always cheer for Georgia during football season Kentucky during basketball season.

Do people take sports too seriously? Maybe. But it gives you something to talk to friends and strangers about. Sports bond people.

There's more to discuss than just how great a game was, or how amazing a player played.

Women can talk about cute jewelry and clothes.

During tournament time, we need nice outfits to wear to work. We slap magnets on our cars, and we hook flags to the car windows. We also pull out our school decorations.

So if you're not into basketball, cut us some enthusiasts some slack. It'll be April before you know it.


  1. Sounds fun! I'm not that into basketball, but sports are a fun pastime.

    1. Actually, I liked playing basketball, but not watching. I couldn't play now for longer than a few minutes!

  2. I used to try and play basketball in the driveway with my brother and his friends. After so much laughter at my expense, I moved on to other sports. But I love watching basketball.


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