Friday, August 30, 2013

F is for Fantasy Football-Fun for Friends, Fans, and First-timers

Football season is here and so is fantasy football. Today I asked my oldest son, Bill, to share a little about fantasy football.

Just recently a group of my church friends had our annual Fantasy Football Draft. For those of you unfamiliar with Fantasy Football, the simplest way to explain it is like this: each person has a team and drafts NFL players for their team, and how those players perform on a week to week basis determines how well your team does. In recent years our league has gotten to the point where most of us gather, set up laptops, and draft our teams in the same room and make an evening out of it with pizza, desserts, and other goodies.

Each year our league has some turnover which is a good and bad thing. While there are a few of us who have participated every year, some have moved back home. This does allow for newbies to be invited in and gives a new form of fellowship with out fellow church goers. Some of us are pretty competitive, some are there just because they like football, and sometimes, they are there just to hang out. But whatever the motivation, it is a great way to connect with people and make the NFL season even more exciting.

Do you play? Do you enjoy college football or NFL?

I enjoy college football and like to cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs. I've already got my reservation in for Athens this fall.


  1. Thanks for the lesson! I've heard of it, but did not realize that it's literally your own fantasy time. That's cool! No wonder people love it so!

  2. I come from a football family. My dad, among other things, was a coach. My son, who lives two hours away, loves Fantasy Football. He went to college on a football scholarship (we didn't have to pay a dime, except for parking tickets, and that almost broke us :-)) He also played a season of arena ball. So I do know a little about football, but, try as I might, I can't "get" fantasy football. My son has tried to explain many times. I'll just sit back and enjoy watching him yell at his laptop.

  3. I haven't played, but I do enjoy watching football. My son loves Fantasy Football, but all his friends just graduated so they just did the draft via Google Hangout. He enjoyed hanging out with friends he hasn't seen for awhile and they even welcomed some new friends into the group.

    Jackie, praying your son makes friends in Spain, and that you deal with the empty bedroom without too many tears. We just said good-bye to our son this morning. He took off for Washington DC for a permanent job. The house is rather quiet. :(

    Wishing you a Son-kissed weekend!

  4. I love how you have used this as a way to connect people with people. What a great avenue for fun, fellowship and discipleship!

  5. My little brother (in age, not height - he's got me beat in that capacity by almost half a foot!) is SERIOUSLY into fantasy football. I have no interest ;), but that's okay.

  6. This is the first time I've ever heard of this. (I don't get out much, obviously.) Sounds like good fun, though! And also an awful lot of data to keep track of!

  7. Thanks for stopping by everybody.

    It was fun talking football with you all!

    Have a great week!



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