Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer fun

For many reasons we're not taking a summer vacation. My favorite place to be in the summer is Holden Beach, NC. (Actually in my opinion everything's better at the beach no matter what time of year.) There's nothing like hitting the beach in the hot sun. It's a great time to play bocce, kadima, or sit back and read a book. And when you get hot, there's a big ocean to cool you off. You can grab a boogie board and hit the waves.

I decided to console myself by going through some pictures from past beach trips. Do you have a favorite beach?

You always meet interesting people fishing off the pier.

This picture just invites me to have a seat and relax.

Nothing says fun to me more than a boat.

I hope you are having a great summer wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful beach pictures! Don't really have a favorite beach - any one will do LOL

  2. We are having a great summer! But it's going too fast:( LOL

  3. Beautiful pictures! I had no idea what "kadima" was so I Googled it. I'm going to assume it's the paddle game and not the liberal political party in Israel. :)

  4. It's definitely a paddle game where you hit the ball back and forth. To make it a little more fun you can stand in the waves. When our boys were teenagers they sometimes liked to hit each other with the ball. And now the guys like to see how many times they can hit it back and forth without missing.

    Thanks for stopping by Joanne, Susan, and Tom!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I agree...any beach will do. especially for this landlocked Okie. Beautiful blog, also :)



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