Sunday, August 4, 2013

Take me out to the Cincinnati Reds ballgame

My brother and his wife invited Tim and me to go see a Reds game Friday night. As the day drew near I decided I wanted to eat a bratwurst at the stadium. There's nothing like one at the ballpark. There were nicer food options but this is what I had my heart set on.

It was a beautiful summer evening. A breeze kept the humidity down. Traffic was pretty good driving into the city. We found a good place to park. And I got my brat. And, it just keeps getting better, I didn't spill any mustard on my clothes.

The Reds never really got into the game. They lost 13-3 but afterwards we saw the best fireworks show we'd ever seen. It was spectacular.

I'd like to encourage you to head out to a ballpark to see a game before the summer is over. Even if you're not into baseball there are a lot of fun sights and fun food to eat.


  1. YES! I love stadium brats and a coke. A COKE, no Pepsi for me:) I'm a football lover myself, but I'll do a bball game if it means good food;)

  2. Susan, I'm so glad you shared that. I prefer Coke over Pepsi also.



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