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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


How often do we consider going on an adventure?

Yesterday I went for a neighborhood walk with Amanda, Brooke and Allie. It was my first walk with sweet Allie, and she didn't make a peep.

Brook started out riding in the double stroller, and then she decided to walk. I wish I'd taken my camera.

It was unseasonably warm so she took off her jacket. She was wearing a purple princess dress and black boots. Adorable doesn't begin to describe it.

On our walk we saw school buses. We waved to children who go off the buses. We saw the wind blow empty garbage cans around. We touched pine needles in a neighbor's tree. The walk was delightful.

We got back to their house and went inside. We hadn't been there long before Brooke turned to her mother and said that she was ready to go on another adventure.

And you know what, walking with a three year old is a lovely adventure.

I hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Safe Haven

This fall my husband, Tim, and I visited Southport, NC.

The people we met were excited that the movie Safe Haven had been filmed there last year.

Safe Haven comes to theaters on Valentine's Day, and I can't wait.

Tim and I love North Carolina. Tim's not a big fiction reader, but he will read Nicholas Sparks' books. So we were both excited to hear the local stories about how nice the actors treated the residents of Southport.

We enjoyed lunch at Fishy Fish. The food was delicious, the waitress sweet, and the view was awesome.

We've always enjoyed our visits to Southport, and this was no exception.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let yourself be heard.

Today my husband and I headed to the airport to pick up our nineteen year old son, Scott.

He spent the week in Washington, DC with a group of college students. In the car and at dinner we listened to stories about his trip.

One thing stood out to me.

A Representative told Scott's group that as citizens we need to contact our Senators and Representatives. They need to know what's important to us to guide their voting. If we don't speak up, we can't complain.

So let me encourage to stand up and be heard. It's easier today than ever to get in touch with your elected officials.

If you're concerned about the direction our country is headed, please contact those who can do something about laws and policies.

Our forefathers fought and died for our freedom. Let's don't be afraid to be heard.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Word for 2013

Have your friends been claiming a word of God to focus on in 2013.

Many of my friends of come up with great words....


I've heard so many great words, but this year nothing struck me as the right word for 2013 for me.

I kept thinking about a word. I even prayed about it.

It occurred to me in the past few weeks, I've ended many prayers with, "Thy will be done."

This morning as I once again debated if I could focus on one word for 2013.

Sunday a friend shared that she'd finally given control of a situation to God. Instead of pleading about an issue she turned it over to him. She laughed at herself and confessed once she gave it to God, He took care of the situation.

This translated, to me, "Thy will be done."

So as of this morning I decided instead of one word, I'm going to focus on God's will. I'll try to relax and realize He's in charge.

Instead of one word, I'm going to focus on ..."Thy will be done."

On my drive to work, God gave me the most beautiful sunrise to enjoy.

I hope you all have a great 2013!


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