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Monday, October 23, 2017

Six Days of Disney World

We just returned from a week at Disney World. It was fun, hot and exhausting and fun. We laughed a lot and screamed on some of the rides. We had a great time, but the best part was spending time with Bill, Amanda, Brooke and Allie.

I decided to share a few tips to help survive Disney so you don't miss a minute of fun.

Take ponchos.

I had been in Kentucky and drove down with the kids through the night. After fourteen hours on the road, we hit Animal Kingdom running. That night we had a sit-down dinner and came out to torrential rain. Thank goodness we hand our ponchos.

Take plenty of shoes. We walked forty-eight miles in six days. I alternated shoes each day. I'm not sure if that's necessary or not, but I did it anyway.

We attended the Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom. Brooke had asked us to dress up and the family theme was villains. We went to our rooms during the afternoon to change clothes for the party. I laughed so hard as Tim transformed into a pirate, and then we saw Bill as Kronk and really laughed. No matter what villains Amanda, Brooke and Allie dress as, they are always beautiful. We left our room and Amanda and I laughed at all the people staring at Bill and Tim. The park was less crowded for the party, and there were stations handing out candy to everybody. Kids and adults. We had a lot of fun that night.

During the week, we visited each park and Magic Kingdom twice. We took one day to go to Sea World which was a little slower paced and just as enjoyable.

Another tip is to stay hydrated. It was October, but the heat index approached 100 each day. We stayed at the All Star Sports Resort which enabled us to ride Disney Transportation. The drivers were friendly and it was nice not to fight traffic.

We had a great week at Disney and look forward to our next trip. What about you? Do you have any tips to make Disney World more fun?


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