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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fishy Fishy Cafe

One of our favorite places to visit is Southport, NC. It's a scenic treasure along the East Coast. When we visit, our favorite place to eat is Fishy Fishy Cafe.

The first time we tried it was late fall a few years ago. We ate inside and the food was delicious. Our waitress was very sweet. When I asked for iced tea to drink, she whispered to me, "It's not fresh brewed." I really appreciated her honesty, because I only like fresh brewed tea.

In May we were excited to take Scott with us to Southport and of course we took him to eat.

The food was delicious, and we got to eat outside and enjoy the atmosphere on the deck. I can't share the food, but here are some of the sights we enjoyed.

What about you? Do you have a favorite place to eat when you vacation?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Princess Leia Organa

Here's a quote from Princess Leia Organa. "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?"

Or how about this line...

"Someone has to save our skins. Into the garbage chute, fly boy."

Some of Princess Leia's lines make me smile. But these pictures make me smile the most.


Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I met Vince Gill

This weekend Tim and I went to see The Time Jumpers and Vince Gill perform at the Lancaster Grand Theatre.

I've always been a Vince Gill fan. Not only is he a gifted musician, he's a great golfer, and he has a great sense of humor.

I won't bore you with the details of HOW we were selected to go backstage before the concert, but we're very appreciative. We stood in a hallway before we went to another area. Everybody was giddy with excitement. And then, I heard it. Vince Gill's voice. It's been years since I've heard him in concert, but this was his voice with no microphone or anything. And let me tell you, his voice is beautiful. And then he walked toward us and asked how everybody was doing. He was super nice while the organizers got, well, organized. And then we all walked back to join The Time Jumpers and Vince for pictures.

We knew there wasn't much time, and the staff asked us to pretty much smile for a picture and move along. The first three ladies followed directions, and then it was our turn.

I handed a nice man my phone to take our picture and walked forward. I was so nervous. I said, "Hi," and turned to smile for the camera. Tim walked up and spoke to Vince and shook his hand. Then he turned around for the picture and moved close to me like we usually stand for a picture. Problem was he stepped in front of Vince. Now I was panicked. I said, "Tim, you need to move so Vince can get in the picture."

I think I may have even given Tim a slight push.

Vince was so nice and said something like, "That's okay. I'm in it."

Now I'm embarrassed, and I know I give Tim a little push this time because I'm afraid we're not going to get our picture with VINCE GILL and The Time Jumpers. They are so nice though and move around for another picture.

It's a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.

At last we got our picture, and we left with big smiles on our faces.

The concert was amazing. The music was awesome, and the theater is beautiful. We even sat with some friends who work with Tim. The theater holds around 500 people, so the setting is intimate. The band doesn't use fancy lights or fancy moves. It's pure music, and those guys are oozing with talent.

It was a special evening that I'll never forget.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

What interests you?

Up until now, I've thought about topics on this blog as something we might discuss on my back porch.

It occurred to me there may be topics you'd like to know more about. I'd like to hear from you.

One day I hope to travel to France. Would you like to learn French together?

Dis-moi qui tu frequentes, je te dirai qui tu es.

A man is known by the company he keeps.

OR we can try to talk sports. My favorite sport teams are Asbury Univeristy Men's Tennis Team, University of Georgia's football team, and University of Kentucky's basketball team.

The setting for my stories are Kentucky, North Carolina, and Georgia. I love the coast and would enjoy sharing some of my beach stories with you.

Have I shared the story about getting caught on the ocean floor and ended up in the ER?

Let me know what you think and leave a way for me to contact you. If I get ten comments on this post, I'll have a drawing for a $10.00 Panera gift card.

Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to hear what you think.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Another quote from Yoda

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The Empire Strikes Back

How many things have you tried to do? Thought about doing? According to Yoda, and maybe Nike too, do it.

Don't give up until you accomplish your goals. I have faith in you.

Go out and do it. Do!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Meeting Minnie Mouse

Have you ever had a hero? Have you met this person? How did you respond?

My husband is outgoing and smiles and talks, and you can see his joy. I'm more reserved. I smile and on the inside I'm super excited, but I tend to freeze on the outside.

On our recent trip to Disney World, the girls got to meet Minnie Mouse. Brooke is a pro at meeting the characters now, but Allie is still figuring it out.

Allie loves Minnie Mouse. Can you see the sheer joy on her face?

I think they even shared a secret.

I'm going to try and remember Allie the next time I meet one of my heroes. I won't hold back and maybe unleash my enthusiasm.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Star Wars Conversation

See if this makes you smile. From the original Star Wars movie in 1977:

Luke: You know, between his howling and your blasting everything in sight, it's a wonder the whole station doesn't know we're here.
Han Solo: Bring 'em on, I'd prefer a straight fight to all this sneaking around.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Misty M. Beller and her new novel, The Lady and The Mountain Man

My good friend Misty Beller's novel, The Lady and the Mountain Man will be released on September 23. This is also Misty's birthday, so there'll be lots for her to celebrate, and I couldn't be happier for her. This is a great story, one I'm sure you won't want to miss.

Leah Townsend, a recently orphaned heiress, flees Richmond after discovering her fiancĂ©’s plot to kill her after their wedding. She needs a safe place to hide, and finds herself accepting a newspaper marriage proposal from a God-fearing young rancher in the Montana Territory. But when Leah arrives at the mountain ranch, she learns her intended husband was killed by a grizzly, leaving behind a bitter older brother and a spunky younger sister.
When Gideon Bryant finds a city girl standing in his log cabin, his first thought is to send her back where she came from. He’s lost too many people to the wild elements of these mountains—his parents, his wife, and now his brother. His love for this untamed land lives on, but he’s determined not to open his heart to another person.
But when an accident forces Leah to stay at the ranch for seven more months, can Gideon protect his heart from a love he doesn’t want? Has Leah really escaped the men who seek her life?

And now, an excerpt from the book itself. Leah has just arrived in St. Louis:

Stepping from the train, Leah twisted her head to take in the sights, but what she saw brought her up short.


She stood in front of a vast lake. Not as large as the bay in Charleston had been, but close. On the other bank, far in the distance, a city rose from the murky depths like an Irish Sea monster.

“That’s a lot of water.” The baritone voice came from just behind her, and Leah whirled to find herself staring up into the emerald eyes of a man unlike any she’d ever seen. A full beard covered his face, making it hard to distinguish most of his features. Except those piercing green eyes. He looked to be a few years older than her, but probably not over thirty. His blue work shirt was clean and pressed, and accentuated the breadth of his shoulders.

The man didn’t meet her gaze, but stared out over the water as if he were seeing far beyond. Then his comment registered in Leah’s awareness.

“Yes, I suppose it is. Do you know what it’s called? I thought we were far away from an ocean or any of the Great Lakes.”

“The Missouri River.” His voice was rich, and he still didn’t look at her.

Leah arched a brow, then turned back to study the water before her. “It’s a river? I’ve not seen one so wide. Is that St. Louis on the far shore?”

“Yep. The ferry’s loading up now.” He took a step, then motioned for her to precede him. The other passengers were moving forward, too, pressing toward the flat boat at the edge of the water.

“This way to the Wiggins Ferry,” called a man with an official-sounding voice. “Only five cents to ride the ferry across to St. Louey.”
The strong presence of the tall, green-eyed man stayed close as the crowd swept them onto a wooden pier and forward, toward a mustached man collecting fares at the entrance to the boat.

Just then, she remembered her trunks, which she hadn’t seen in several days. “Excuse me, sir,” she said to the attendant. “Will my luggage be brought across on the ferry?”

“Yes’m. You can pick ’em up at the yonder dock.”

“Thank you.” She dipped a slight curtsey and was pushed forward by the crowd boarding the boat. The rocking of the craft in the water was like being on the train again. Leah turned back to mention it to the man with the emerald eyes, but he wasn’t behind her. Why did that make her feel even more alone?

She took up a crowded spot by the rail where she could see both banks, but her eyes drifted over the other passengers. There he was, standing in a quiet corner away from the swarm of passengers pushing toward the boat’s edge. The crowd pushed in on her, too, so Leah gathered her nerve and moved toward the empty space next to the man. It was a bold move on her part, approaching a stranger she’d only just met and didn’t even know the name of. But something about him intrigued her. Maybe he’d think she was just moving to a less congested part of the boat’s deck.

Leah stepped up to the rail in the empty space between the man and an elderly couple. He turned his green eyes toward her in a nod, then gazed back over the water. He certainly was quiet.

“Are you from St. Louis then?” She infused a casual air into her tone.

“No, ma’am. Montana Territory.”

That might explain the wild aura that surrounded him. Leah wanted another good look at him, but couldn’t risk being caught staring. “How interesting. And were you visiting the East for pleasure, sir, or for business?”

“Settling my wife’s affairs.”

Leah’s heart plunged at the words, but she forced herself not to examine the reason. “Is your wife traveling with you?” She turned a casual eye to his face as she spoke.

His focus stared straight ahead. “She died.” The richness was gone from his voice, leaving behind flat steel.

Leah swallowed, her chest tightening with the effort. “I…I’m sorry.”

She swallowed again. All other words fled her mind, leaving behind the desire to reach out and touch him. Offer some kind of comfort or support. She knew what it was like to lose a parent. But to lose a spouse, the pain must be unbearable.

Before she could think of something else to say, some way to ease the somber mood that had sunk over him, the official-sounding voice called over the crowd. “Make a line, folks. Make a line an’ we’ll have ya off the ferry in no time.”

The man with emerald eyes turned from the rail and touched a hand to his hat. “Good day, ma’am.” He never once looked at her as he strode toward the line gathering at the edge of the boat.

By the time Leah found her own place in line, he was twenty feet or so ahead. As she stepped onto firm land, she watched his hat disappear into the crowd. Something inside Leah wanted to run after him.

But she didn’t move. Just stood, watching the spot where he’d vanished.

You can pre-order this book on Amazon now.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Star Wars Quote of the Week

Another favorite from Yoda.

“Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

How much truth there is in Yoda's words.

Proverbs 10:12 says, "Hatred stirs up conflict,but love covers over all wrongs."

And in Ephesians 4:31 we read, "Get rid of all hard feelings, anger and rage. Stop all fighting and lying.
Put away every form of hatred"

Let's go out and show love toward others this weekend. Have a great one!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happiest Place in the World?

We're back home from Disney World. This was my first trip as a grandparent, and I discovered quite a few things. Let me share two with you now.

Parents work so hard to make sure their trip to Disney is so amazing for their children that they get frustrated with other people. People like other tourists, park employees, their spouses, and even their children. We were not the fastest family in the parks this week. Our ages ranged from 13 months to 76 years. And their were thirteen of us. I know some other families were irritated with our pace as they cut through our group. I really wanted to say, "Slow down and enjoy the moment."

My second realization was if somebody was rude to my grandchildren, on purpose, I was more angry that I'd have been if they were rude to me or my kids.

I think if you relax, it can be a happy trip. We saw great shows, laughed a lot, enjoyed parades, dancing in the street and fireworks. I'll share more another day, but we had a great time.


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