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Monday, June 24, 2019

Sea View Inn

We recently made our first trip to Sea View Inn in Pawleys Island, SC. We went to the inn for a Saturday morning breakfast. We arrived early and sat in rocking chairs on the covered porch and drinking good coffee and looking at the ocean.

When the dinner bell, or breakfast bell in our case, rang we walked inside through a sitting area full of comfortable furniture and books of shelves. From there we walked into a dining room full of good smells and wooden tables and chairs. Breakfast was served at 8:30 for all of the guests staying at the inn, and those of us who made reservations.

We were served toast, homemade jams, eggs, sausage, grits, pancakes, and fresh fruit. There was also cereal and yogurt available. It was all delicious, and the staff was very welcoming. We'll be sure to go back to Sea View Inn, and if you're in the area I'd encourage you to stop by and visit.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Pawleys Island Chapel

Pawleys Island Chapel sits on the actual island. From Memorial Day through Labor Day different ministers lead a non-secular church service at 10:00 every Sunday.

The chapel is also a popular place for scenic weddings where it overlooks the marsh. The land was donated by Dr. and Mrs. J.H. Porter. It originally stood in Georgetown, SC. In 1946 the chapel was dismantled, moved, and rebuilt on Pawleys Island. In 2005 the chapel underwent renovations including air conditioning.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

Psalm 150:6

Monday, June 10, 2019

Taking Good Pictures

I'm starting to write a series with a photographer. It's also summer, when many of us take more pictures. So, today I thought I'd share some photo tips.

In the evening on the beach, we often see people taking family photos. The sun is gentle, and there is less squinting.

If you take pictures on your iPhone and want to balance your shot go to settings. Choose Camera and switch the Grid on. Then when you take your next picture, you can line it up with the grid before snapping.

This turns into this.

My kids taught me the next tip. But be sure you tap the screen of your smartphone before taking the picture. It'll help focus on your subject and improve lighting.

The last tip also comes from my kids. DON'T zoom in. It's better to get closer to your subject. Zooming can make your picture look blurry or grainy.

Whether you travel or stay home this summer, I hope you have a great time!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Caring for Military Families, Part Two

Rosalyn Carter once said, "There are only four kinds of people in the world. Those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers."

Caregivers need to allow themselves to take a break, or to accept help from others. Caregivers can get so absorbed in the person they are helping, they can lose their sense of self.

The days of summer are here, and the days are getting longer. Is there a caregiver you can offer to step in for and allow the person to enjoy a afternoon outside or an evening stroll?

Here are a few other tips we might try to help caregivers...

Listen. That's it. Spend time and listen to them.

Don't exclude the caregiver because they often decline your invitation.

Offer to run errands for the caregiver. Shop for groceries, take the pet to the vet, wash their car, or if they have children offer to take them to sports events or music lessons. Or just take their kids for a fun experience.

I'd love to hear other suggestions on how we can help military caregivers. Thanks for sharing!


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