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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My First 5K

This Saturday I participated in my first 5K. As Tim and I pulled into the parking lot full of runners in all of their glorious running paraphernalia, I was intimidated. To say the least.

I wore a T-shirt and shorts. I didn't even wear my best running shoes because it was supposed to rain, and I didn't want to ruin my new shoes.

As we approached the sign-in tables, the director called out to my husband. "Mr. Layton, this is your table. You're pre-registered."

We moved to the correct line, and the lady who gave us our numbers and T-shirts was a friend of mine. So far. So good.

We walked around and I studied the list of runners and their times from last year. I thought 48 minutes might be a good time. So I made that my goal.

This was the R. J. Corman 5K run. I heard runners, real runners, talk about how hard this race is because of all of the hills. Gulp! One lady said she runs it every year, but she dreads it because it's so hard. Double gulp.

Runners stretched and discussed strategy. Tim socialized with others, and I watched.

At last it was time to line up in the street. I knew I would be slow and walk part of the way, so I moved toward the back. A father and daughter took a spot ahead of me, and the dad discussed strategy with his daughter on how to get ahead of the pack.

The racers in wheelchairs got to start first. Maybe three minutes later they officials sounded an air horn, and the race began. Whoosh, and we're off.

Police cars blocked traffic through town so we'd be safe, and one police car followed the last person in line and played upbeat music.

The race goes through downtown Wilmore, around Asbury University, through Talbott Subdivision, back around the university, through a downtown neighborhood, and back to the Wilmore United Methodist church where we began. Neighbors sat in their driveways and cheered the runners on. Some tried to talk to us, and wouldn't you know it, Tim got into conversations with them. I hadn't shared my 48 minute goal with him, but he has a big heart, and I didn't want to ruin his fun.

We ran some and walked more, but we kept moving.

Here are some things I learned:

Don't train for a race with your dog. Too many stops and not enough non-stop moving.
Wear cooler clothes if you're racing in June.
Compete in a flat 5K before tackling the hilly race.

That's it. I can't wait until we do it again.

In case you're wondering, my time was 48 minutes and 55 seconds. If I'd known it would be that close, I would have moved faster.

One last thing, Tim came in third place for his age division. I'm always proud of him.

Thanks for letting me share. If you have any advice for my next race, I'd love to hear it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Many of you may know J.B. Crouse as a great missionary and past President of One Mission Society. On Sunday, June 22, 2014, he moved to his heavenly home. I imagine it was quite the celebration.

I had heard of the Crouse family twenty years ago when we first moved to Nicholasville. One of J.B.'s nephews was Bill's high school tennis coach. Over the years I've crossed paths with many of the Crouses in Jessamine County. They are all good people. Not every family can say that.

Last year Scott began dating Kellianne Crouse, J.B.'s granddaughter. I started hearing stories about J.B. and his wife Bette, and then I met J.B. at Yogli Mogli eating frozen yogurt with the family.

I always saw J.B. with a smile on his face. He had a zest for life and never slowed down.

Kellianne always has a twinkle in her eyes when she tells stories about her granddad. Kellianne joined them to celebrate Father's Day this year by going to Shakertown for lunch. He made the drive an adventure that I'm sure she'll never forget. Here's a picture of Kellianne and J.B. that day.

Last week J.B. challenged Kellianne and Scott to play corn hole against him and Bette soon. He even predicted a win for him and his lovely wife. J.B. wasn't the kind of person to sit back and watch life go by. He participated even if he had to get wet doing it.

Even though I only knew J.B. for a short time, I will miss him. His love for God, family, and others will live on, and he won't be forgotten.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Today I was inspired to share a story with you after visiting my friend's blog. Jeanne Takenka challenged us to see the "gold" in others.

Here's a link to her blog:


There's a certain man I make contact with on average twice a week. Until a couple of months ago, he usually looked like he needed a bath and a clean change of clothes. I've always tried to treat him with respect because I don't know much of his story.

A couple of months ago, he got a job at an antique/junk store. Little by little this man has started cleaning up. He got a hair cut, he shaves, and he looks cleaner. Plus he wears nicer clothes that are clean.

I've been so impressed with the owner of the antique shop for hiring this man. He's given him dignity and a purpose in life. It's amazing how that can change a person.

I'm not in a position to hire people, but I hope to treat people with dignity and respect.

Philippians 2:3 (KJV) Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Brad Paisley - Beat This Summer- Live

Every time I hear this on the radio, I smile. I hope you all have a blessed summer.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paleo Update

I wanted to update you on my paleo life. Starting this in the spring was a good idea because of all the wonderful fresh produce. I imagine the winter would be a hard time to start.

There are a few shady areas of the diet. Some "authorities" say potatoes and rice are okay. Others disagree. So I've eaten potatoes (especially on vacation), but I haven't touched rice.

We've eaten a lot of salads. I discovered you can have a healthy lunch for less than 200 calories if you put tuna on your salad and use a lite vinaigrette. Tim and Scott think it's disgusting, but it's not bad.

One thing I've tried that we all like is drying my own fruit. It occurred to me that the dried fruit I ate was really sweet. Turns out they add sugar. So I ordered this handy dandy machine to do it myself.

So far I've tried apples, mangoes, bananas, cherries, and kiwi. The apples and cherries were my favorites. Tim and Scott have enjoyed this experiment. Scott even took some to work, and the guys there offered some suggestions of foods to try.

I've lost ten pounds in six weeks, and I feel better. So for now I'm going to stick with this eating plan.

I hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Father's Day Weekend

This weekend is Father's Day Weekend. I've been blessed with a wonderful dad, and I hope you've had wonderful father in your life.

Here is a picture of my parents this past Christmas. Dad always has a ready smile and usually a funny story to tell. Strike that, not usually, he always has a funny story to tell that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Stranger is not in my dad's vocabulary. He's traveled all over the southeast United States to watch the grandkids play sports. He can strike up a conversation with anybody. And he remembers them.

My youngest son says he's had tennis players tell him they met his granddaddy at tournaments, and Scott never knew they'd had a conversation.

Dad also understands why I'm a big Georgia football fan, and he keeps up with the Dawgs so we can discuss them together.
(Daddy graduated from the University of Kentucky but helped me in the decision making process of choosing to go to the University of Georgia for pharmacy school.)

Here my brother, Chris, and I are with my parents last spring.

I love my dad and can't wait to see him so we can celebrate Father's Day this weekend.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Lone Star State

I've never thought a lot about the nickname for Texas. The Lone Star State. Seems sad. Don't you think? So I decided to look it up.

Texas became the 28th state in 1845. Before that it was a province of Mexico. Texas fought for independence from Mexico from 1835-1836. When it gained independence, the new flag featured one lone star. It's been said this star reprents defiance, pride, and independence.

The Lone Star is not only on it's flag but also it's state seal. So from now on I won't think of the Lone Star as lonely but a sign of strength and independence.

I've only been to Texas twice in my life, but I'm excited to learn more about it.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Star Wars Quote of the Week

Princess Leia: This is some rescue! You came in here, but didn't you have a plan for getting out?
Han Solo: [pointing toward Luke] He's the brains, sweetheart!

Can you hear this conversation in your head? Are you smiling? I hope so.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hop, hop, blog hop

My friend, LeAnne Bristow, invited me to participate in a blog hop. She said please three times, and I probably would have said yes after one please.

LeAnne and I are both writers, and we've both been to London.

Here's LeAnne in London.

And here's a picture of me in London.

I hope to go back one day when I have more time.

LeAnne asked me four questions.

1. What am I working on?

I'm working on The Bye Way Inn a romance set on the coast of North Carolina. I've written the story and am editing it now. I hope to have it ready to pitch at ACFW conference in September.

The day Rachel Grant discovers she has inherited her grandmother's inn, Matt Jackson shows up from Inn Possible to help improve the place. Rachel wasn't prepared to inherit The Bye Way, and she wasn't prepared to meet Matt. He can't believe she's not more excited to have such a great place. As they work together toward a common goal, they develop feelings for each other until Matt discovers a secret that could end their budding relationship.

2. How does my work different from others?

I usually have pets in my story and try to inject a little humor. I love romantic comedies, and the men in my family are pretty funny. I'd like to think my stories will make my readers smile. My stories also are Christian based. No bad words or scenes you'd be embarrassed to have your children read.

3.Why do I write what I do?

In January I was writing a story about heroin addiction, and the more I wrote the more down in the dumps I got. After a while I decided to write happier stories. God is the center of my life, so I can't imagine writing a story that did not focus on him in a good way.

4. How does my writing process work?

I'm still trying to figure out the best way. I create my characters first. I always need a picture of them to refer to, especially my heroes. Otherwise they all end up looking like my husband. (He's always my hero!)

After I create my characters, I come up with a basic plot that I try to follow. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

That's enough about me. I'd like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine that I met through ACFW critique groups.

They both write great Christian suspense.

Heidi Glick is talented, young, and energetic. She and her husband came from Ohio to Kentucky one day so we could brainstorm ideas. Heidi and her husband, John, have an adorable son and are expecting another baby soon. Heidi's debut novel, Dog Tags is available now.
Heidi is working on a devotional book with a few other authors.

Another friend of mine is Marcy G. Dyer.
Marcy is a registered nurse and suspense author. She doesn't hold back in her stories, and you'll find yourself flipping through the pages. She currently has two novels from the Desert Winds Series available: Down & Out and Out for Blood Her newest novel, Blood and Lies will release in November.


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