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Monday, May 25, 2020

Cannonball Jellyfish

Before moving to the coast, I knew getting stung by a jellyfish was painful. I researched what to do for a jellyfish sting. Take Benadryl and wash the area with ocean water. If you can rinse the area with vinegar, it's even better but who takes vinegar to the beach?

If you've heard urinating on a jellyfish sting is a cure, it's not. This so-called treatment can actually worsen the injury. The urine can trigger the stingers to release more venom. 

There are a variety of jelly fish. The can be small or huge, and they come in different shapes. Most have nematocysts in their tentacles which are tiny stinging cells. A sting can be painful and even life-threatening. Proceed with caution if you're stung. 

The most common jellyfish I come across in South Carolina are the cannonball jellyfish. Most of the time I see them washed up on the beach, but if I come across one in the ocean, you better believe I'm getting out of the way.

If you visit a Carolina beach, keep your eyes open. I'm sure you'll see a jellyfish.

Take care my friends and stay safe!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Justice Undercover by Connie Queen

Hello everyone.

Jackie, thank you for inviting to your back porch for a visit. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you today.

Even though it’s May in Nebraska, the trees are just now blooming. I don’t have a back porch, but if I did, this would be my view. Meet Nash, my Great Dane.

The image Back Porch Reflections bring to my mind are peace and family. What a great title for a blog, Jackie!

I come from a large, close-knit family. We had our share of laughs, debates, went to Church together, loved singing in the car, and us kids were competitive in just about everything we did. Growing up, mom was a great cook and eating meals together was just a part of life.

In Justice Undercover, my Love Inspired Suspense debut, the heroine Kylie Stone is part of a big and boisterous family. Two years prior as a US Marshal, someone tries to kill her, and she’s forced to fake her own death and goes rogue undercover. This takes a huge toll on Kylie, and when she learns her mom has cancer and is about to have a risky surgery, Kylie’s desperate to return. Her greatest fear is her mom will die without knowing Kylie’s alive. While dodging bullets, Kylie and Texas Ranger Luke Dryden are in a race to capture a killer and find their way home before it’s too late.

Justice Undercover will be in Walmart on June 3rd and is available for pre-order now.

Connie thanks so much for taking time to stop by. 

Readers, Connie has graciously agreed to give a copy of Justice Undercover to one lucky commenter. (For US residents only.)

Connie can be found on social media at the following places.

Website: conniequeenauthor.com
Twitter: @conniesuqueen
Facebook: queenofheartthrobbingsuspense

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Sharee Stover's German shepherd Niko

Sharee Stover is a friend of mine who writes romantic suspense. Many of you know I have a German shepherd in Bite the Dust. So I've grown fond of German shepherds, and Sharee is going to share about her dog and a little bit about her new book Untraceable Evidence.

This is Niko, my 100 lbs. German Shepherd who we are convinced, is actually part cat. Seriously, he has more cat mannerisms than dog ones. But he’s a faithful friend willing to wake me before dawn every morning for our walk/run regardless of the weather. He’s a great guard dog, especially if you’re a threatening leaf fluttering past the window. And he loves to play ball but refuses to give it back unless you’re willing to bargain the ball for something better. Thus, we have to take two balls, one for him to catch and hold onto, until we can negotiate with the other one. Niko is also afraid of the dark. So, there’s no way he’s going outside to do his business once the sun goes down unless you accompany him with a flashlight. True story. With all his quirkiness, Niko is still the best dog I’ve ever had. He’s great with people and he is very low maintenance…provided he gets a morning and afternoon walk.

Sharee, what is the farthest east in USA have you traveled?
I’ve had the wonderful privilege of visiting NYC, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, and Florida.

Do you have a favorite beach? It can be in California or foreign country or wherever.
Clearwater, Florida is by far my favorite. The water is warm and beautiful and there are dolphins!!!

I always get excited when I see a dolphin. What's your new book about? 
Untraceable Evidence is the first of three books in my ATF Agents series.

Scientist Ace Steele is hired by the ATF to develop a top-secret project named Ghost—a 3D printer gun that uses frangible ammunition. The components are comprised entirely of plastic, making the gun untraceable via metal detectors. The ATF is certain a mole exists who is working with a local militia. The militia’s leader will do anything to get Project Ghost. 

If you want to connect with Sharee, you can find her on social media. Here are the social media and links to buy her book:

Buy link for Silent Night Suspect: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1335232532
Buy link for Untraceable Evidence: https://amzn.to/2SrYfhn

Sharee, thanks so much for joining us on my back porch! 

Stay safe and well my friends! 


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