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Monday, February 24, 2020

All Y'all Might Enjoy Carolina Treet at Your Next Cookout

You means one person.

Y'all means two people.

All y'all means three or more people. This was new to me because I thought y'all meant two or more people.

Years ago when I moved to Georgia, I learned pulled pork was the only barbecue worth eating. It took us a while to find our favorite barbecue place because my husband enjoys a sweeter tomato based sauce.

South Carolina has a barbecue association who says Germans came to our state with mustard. One of the favorite barbecue sauces here is mustard-based with vinegar and spices which gives South Carolina barbecue a zingy flavor.

One year on vacation, we discovered Carolina Treet Cooking Barbecue Sauce. It's perfect for grilling out pork chops. We used to stock up on Carolina Treet when we vacationed, but now that we live in South Carolina, we can buy it whenever we want to cook out.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Lowcountry or Low Country

A Low Country Dow Walker Mystery series is set in, you guessed it, the Lowcountry area of South Carolina.

I've been familiar with the term Lowcountry for years, but I've been confused if it's one or two words.

Here's what Merriam-Webster dictionary says..

Low Country
 geographical name
variants: or Lowcountry \ ˈlō-​ˌkən-​trē  \
Definition of Low Country (Entry 2 of 2)

low-lying region along the Atlantic coasts of South Carolina and Georgia

To celebrate the release of Bite the Dust, in the next few weeks, I'll share Low Country terminology with you. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my little slice of life in the Low Country. 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Cozy Mysteries

Recently, I've had people tell me they've never heard of a cozy mystery. 

Mysteries are stories deal with fictional crimes. Cozies involve crimes, but the crime isn't gory and in your face. An amateur sleuth solves the crime, and the setting is usually a small town.

I'm a reader of mysteries, cozy mysteries, romance, romantic suspense and women's fiction. A few years ago, I spoke with an editor at a conference about mysteries and how they different from romantic suspense. As we talked, it was like a combination lock. The pieces slid into place, and I went home determined to try writing cozy mysteries. 

I'm thrilled to announce Bite the Dust, the first book of A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series will be available February 28, 2020. 

Am I counting down the days? You bet I am. I'm excited and blessed to see this dream come true. 

Romans 8:31 says, "If God is for us, who can be against us?"


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